Indianapolis – Focusing on the experimental side of distilled spirits and craft cocktails, the anticipated Broken Beaker Distillery is set to open its doors in January 2016 at 643 Massachusetts Ave. The new distillery boasts an atmosphere that celebrates the science behind mixology and its finely distilled spirits.
Using Broken Beaker’s artisanal liquors distilled on site – including Pendulum Vodka, Isotope Liqueur, Mitosis Brandy, and Hypotenuse Gin – bartenders will dabble in molecular mixology to create craft cocktails with a taste that can swing to the offbeat. Identified by clever names corresponding to scientific theories and terms, each craft cocktail stays true to the concept and includes inventive touches and presentations.
Craft Cocktails
Experimenting with seasonal fruit brandies and a selection of smooth anchor vodkas and gins, Broken Beaker’s bartenders and staff will craft cocktails that cover the gamut of light and shaken to boozy and stirred. Each cocktail will feature refreshing flavor through seasonally inspired brandies and liqueurs, promising an evolving and ever-changing menu with fresh taste. For those interested in tasting signature spirits and seasonally infused variations, tastings served in glass test tubes will be available. But Broken Beaker won’t bypass the classics. There will be traditional cocktails with redefining characteristics, as well as four rotating drafts of fresh, local craft beer and a selection of wine.
Casual Food Pairings
Appetizers and casual lunch and dinner options will be paired with the distillery’s inventive craft cocktails. The idea behind Broken Beaker’s food menu is to take comfort food to a different level, not to revolutionize the culinary world with tricks and gadgets. Soups, salads, paninis and sandwiches will be the stars of the menu, focusing on classic offerings with a subtle twist that use high-quality ingredients. Broken Beaker’s chef and mixologist will work together to pair the flavor of the food profiles with the those of the craft cocktails, offering a new way to look at pairing menus.
Inspired by owners Thomas Wysocki and Heather Finfrock, a chemist and an engineer by trade, Broken Beaker combines humor and science to create an atmosphere unlike any other in one of Indianapolis’ most vibrant downtown neighborhoods. The name isn’t the only scientific reference, though. Wysocki and Finfrock wanted to reflect their love for modern sciences throughout the business. The newly renovated, 3,500-square-foot distillery will feature a soapstone bar top and classic laboratory bar stools to recreate the memory of a high school chemistry classroom, periodic table shelving behind the bar will hold signature and seasonal spirits, and foosball tables and 50-inch TVs will be set up throughout the space.
“Broken Beaker is not going to be your typical cocktail spot,” said Wysocki. “For my wife and I, it combines our thirst for knowledge with our love for the science behind finely distilled spirits and expertly crafted cocktails. Broken Beaker is where science meets spirits – a place where everything is an experiment and customers can come test whimsical artisanal liquors and drinks.”
A 150-gallon copper still and columns will be visible from the inside, and fermentation tanks will be opened to show the creation of Broken Beaker’s signature spirits. Impromptu distillery tours will give customers a sneak peek into the on-site distillery and encourage feedback and ideas for future science-infused spirits. Broken Beaker will also offer private dining and event opportunities in the space, which holds approximately 120 with a mix of seating and standing room. An outdoor patio is already planned for spring 2016.
Casual dinner foods will be served Mondays through Saturdays. Brunch and lunch will be served on weekends. The distillery will open at 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 10 a.m. Saturdays. Brunch and morning cocktails will be served from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays.
Contact Greta Snell at Dittoe Public Relations for opening day and marketing questions at 317.202.2280 ext. 29.

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