We are proud to read all of the nominees and the heart felt reasons they should win the #12daysofgiving contest – Here are the winners of the #12daysofgiving and why they were nominated! Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to all of the people who took the time to pay it forward!

Day 1:Nominee: Chelsea Marburger | Person who nominated: Camryn Walton

Why Chelsea wins: “Chelsea is one of the most creative, inspiring and energetic humans I know. She is constantly coming up with ideas and finding ways to make them happen – and 99% of these ideas are geared towards bettering the people and places of Indianapolis. Her most recent side project is titled Project Purse Indianapolis, which fills donated purses with items to donate to women in need – items include bus passes, cosmetics, first-aid, & more. Over the past month, Chelsea has spent countless hours getting this project up and running in time for the holidays and listening to her talk about it is incredibly inspiring. I think there are hundreds of people in Indianapolis who deserve recognition for giving back this holiday season – but Chelsea is top of mind for me!” – Camryn Walton

Prize: $25 Natural Born Juicer Gift Card

Day 2:Camryn Waltonfor taking the time to nominate a deserving person like Chelsea Marburger!

Prize: World’s Rarest Chocolate Forever Bar and a Toffee Love, $26, Chocolate for the Spirit

Day 3: Nominee: Ryan Thomas|Person who nominated: Kira Thomas

Why Ryan wins: “Ryan is my husband and it has been a rough year for us. I had major surgery in June that required a 5 week home-stay for me. During that time Ryan was supportive and accompanied me to every doctor’s appointment and gave me nothing but love during a time that was very stressful. He was working in a job that was very stressful, unfulfilling, and he wasn’t happy. In October he was offered a position he seems to really enjoy. He is helping get a company up and running off the ground. This has meant a lot of long hours and time apart. Aside from all the changes I’ve gone through this year since my surgery our marriage has been strong. We’ve had a lot of medical bills to pay and while we still plan to get each other some presents, I would love to do something for him unexpected to show my appreciation and love.” – Kira Thomas

Prize: $50 Market District Gift Card

Day 4: Kira Thomas for taking the time to nominate Ryan Thomas!

Prize: Edible Indy home subscription

At the holidays, we dedicate a lot of our time to others—whether it’s preparing meals for family and friends, volunteering or buying them that special something. And to recognize those who give, Edible Indy is giving away 12 Days of Giving gifts.

Day 5:Ms. Higgs |Person who nominated: Erin Edds

Why Ms. Higgs wins: “Ms Higgs is the principal at IPS School 91 Rousseau McClellan. She has been my son’s principal for 2 1/2 years and has been an absolute godsend to my son and his classmates! She is a true advocate who puts herself right in the heart of the school and its activities every day! She, and the school’s therapy dogs, Lilly and Teddy, are in the halls every day greeting and encouraging the students. As the mother of a child on the autism spectrum it has been a true blessing to have her as a devoted advocate willing to “fight the good fight” for the benefit of my son!
She is retiring this year after (don’t quote me on total years) over 20 years as the principal of 91. She’s leaving some mighty big shoes to fill! Thank you Margie!” – Erin Edds

Prize: Condiment Connection Gift Box Set

Day 6: Erin Edds for taking the time to nominate Ms. Higgs!

Prize: $40 DeBrands Gift Card

Day 7: Carrie Claycomb|Person who nominated: Liz Manasek

Why Carrie Claycomb wins: “I’m nominating my friend Carrie because she is an inspiration to everyone who has the honor of knowing and loving her. Carrie is fiercely battling cancer for the second time – which in of itself is enough. She & her husband welcomed their first beautiful child earlier this year. She is juggling the joys and challenges of life with a newborn, draining medical treatments and still working at VSA- where she bring so much compassion and energy to her students. Her grace under pressure is something I strive to achieve. Carrie is an incredibly giving, funny, and beautiful woman and talented artist– and definitely deserving of a little extra love this holiday season.” – Liz Manasek

Prize: Liberation Roasting: Half pound fresh and locally roasted coffee, “Liberate” coffee mug, Indiana notepad and Edible Indy Magazine, $32

Day 8: Liz Manasek for taking the time to nominate Carrie Claycomb!

Prize: NewFangled Confection $25 Gift Basket

Day 9: Tracey O’Malley | Person who nominated: Faith O’Malley

Why Tracey O’Malley wins: “My mom is the most caring, selfless person I know. She has not had an easy life, and I think she doesn’t feel loved as often as she should. I remember countless times where my mom would see someone in distress and go try to help them or just talk to them if she couldn’t help. One time in particular, we were at the Kohl’s in Speedway around this time of year. It was bitter cold and there was snow on the ground and we saw a crying woman talk to the employees at the store when we first got there. When we were leaving, the woman was sitting in between the glass doors, still in years. My mom and I walked past her and got about halfway to our car and she said ‘I have to go back and find out what’s wrong with her.’ So my mom went back inside and hugged the woman and discovers that the woman and her husband were living in their van and they had run out of gas. They’d lost their jobs and the living space in the recession. My mom gave the woman $20.00 to help them fill up the tank and have her another hug. For years now, my brother Tommy has struggled with a heroin addiction. He’s been in trouble with the police, caused a fire in out house, totaled two cars, and so many other awful things. Even when the drugs made him mean and made him say awful things, my mom stood by his side. She showed up to every court hearing. If he didn’t come home at night she’d spend hours calling police stations and hospitals and driving around literally looking in ditches for him. When he overdosed, she found him and had to give him CPR until the ambulance got there. I can’t imagine what it must be like to find your child dying on the floor and have to try to resesitate him. When my brother’s girlfriend overdosed in our garage later that same year, my mom helped give her CPR too. When everyone wanted to give up on my brother, my mom refused to. She has a special kind of compassion that I can only hope I carry a fraction of. I can’t say enough great things about her. I strive to life my life as selflessly as she has. My mom hasn’t ever been given much I her life and it would be really amazing if she could win something like this so she knows other people appreciate and recognize her sacrifices.“ – Faith O’Malley

Prize: Xchocol’Art Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate, 6 Truffles Box plus 5 Salted Caramels, $24

Day 10: Faith O’Malley for taking the time to nominate Tracey O’Malley!

Prize: Edible Indy Subscription

Day 11: Carolyn Whittet| Person who nominated: Kelly Russell

Why Caroln Whittet wins: “Carolyn is my Mom and she has had many health issues over the years. She has had 2 brain tumors, 2 brain surguries.. 2 shoulder surguries, one elbow surgery and quite a few others. I am a single mother of 3 and have seen her struggle and would like to help her have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you!!” – Kelly Russell

Prize: Inspiralized, Inspiralizer $49

Day 12: Kelly Russell for taking the time to nominate Carolyn Whittet!

Prize: Rail Epicurean Market, $25 gift card

Thank you to everyone who nominated and we hope all of you enjoy your local Indiana gifts paying it forward!

At the holidays, we dedicate a lot of our time to others—whether it’s preparing meals for family and friends, volunteering or buying them that special something. And to recognize those who give, Edible Indy is giving away 12 Days of Giving gifts.

How does it work?

Fill out the form to nominate an individual (or individuals—you can nominate as many people as you want through multiple submissions), and tell us who they are and why they should win. And guess what? If they win, so do you! Entry begins on December 9th and ends on December 23rd. Winners will be contacted via email starting December 12, 2015, with the last winner revealed on December 24, 2015.

What’s up for grabs?

Great local gifts! We will give away each of these gifts one day at a time for 12 days starting on December 12th!

Chocolate for the Spirit

World’s Rarest Chocolate Forever Bar and a Toffee Love, $26

Why we love them:Welcome to the world of luxury, artisan chocolate. Few chocolatiers use the quality of chocolate used across Chocolate for the Spirit’s entire line. Many of the creations feature Grand Cru, single-origin chocolate—chocolate so special the cacao growers typically receive up to 70% over fair trade prices. Chocolate has over 400 flavor and fragrance aromas—come explore those with Chocolate for the Spirit.

Condiment Connection

Indianapolis Condiment Box Delivered, $39

Why we love them:A new Indy startup delivering the best of Indianapolis’ condiments straight to your door. The perfect way to share the love with local condiments that are loved and eaten by thousands everyday in the Circle City and around the state. The box features St. Elmo’s cocktail sauce, Best Boy Bourbon Barrel Caramel Sauce, Squealers BBQ sauce and LocalFolks mustard. A winning combination!

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

$40 Gift Card

Why we love them: Fort Wayne’s favorite chocolate artisan offering everything from its heart-stopping truffle collection to hot chocolate on a spoon. Whatever your chocolate choice may be—dark, white or milk—you will find something to inspire you to smile all day long. Their chocolate is a great gift-giving choice and they deliver straight to your door!

Edible Indy

One-Year Subscription, $32

Why we love them:Well, of course we love Edible Indy—we are Edible Indy! James Beard Award winning, packed full of beautiful photography and well-written articles featuring local talent, and of course, the perfect read for anyone who wants to learn about the Central Indiana food movement!


Inspiralizer, $49

Why we love them:The Inspiralizer can turn any vegetable or fruit into perfect noodles, ribbons, spaghetti and more giving your dishes a new twist without pasta! This uniquely designed kitchen tool is user-friendly, easy to clean and most of all an easy way to spice up old recipes or create new ones. All veggie lovers should have one of these kitchen tools!

Liberation Roasting

Half pound fresh and locally roasted coffee, “Liberate” coffee mug, Indiana notepad and Edible Indy Magazine, $32

Why we love them: Great coffee is a lifestyle, and our friends at Liberation Roasting know this all too well. Their team is made up of coffee nerds who have home roasted for over 10 years and put their heads together to deliver great coffee to everyone. Their beans are light-to-medium roasted for many reasons, but in large part to honor the people who have worked so hard to farm quality beans. Roasting beyond medium means losing the nuance and character of the bean. Darker roasts impart flavors that are more about the roast and less about the bean. Each variety, each harvest really, is full of flavor and character, and it’s a shame to miss out on the taste!

Market District

$50 Gift Card

Why we love them: The newest market in Central Indiana with the largest supply of goods from local Indiana farmers, producers and artisans. Market District has a sit down farm-to-table restaurant on site, weekly cooking demos, ready-made dinners, deli items and custom to-go orders. Wines, beer and spirits from floor to ceiling and much more. You can easily spend an entire day walking the floors of this incredible market, or order online and get curbside grocery pick-up!

Natural Born Juicers

$25 Gift Card

Why we love them: A hip and trendy raw juice bar located in the heart of Mass Ave in Indianapolis. This location has a variety of creative concoctions; juice cleanses and now serves healthy dishes for morning or afternoon noshes. They are 100% dedicated to supplying non-HPP juices and are an integrated part of our community and loved by many! A great way to start your day!

Newfangled Confections

$25 Gift Basket

Why we love them: If you haven’t had the sweet or savory treats from Newfangled Confections, you are missing out. Frittle, pecans and pralines that will knock you off of your feet and leave you wanting more, more, more! Newfangled promises not to disappoint and is a perfect gift even for the pickiest person—and they are gluten-free!

Rail Epicurean Market

$25 Gift Card

Why we love them: This husband and wife team (Melanie and Toby Miles) bring farm-to-table alive in Westfield. This restaurant and market is in a beautiful barn showcasing some of the most lovely dishes and must-have Central Indiana artisan foods that are unique and perfect for your shelves!

Xchocol’Art Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate

6 Truffles Box plus 5 Salted Caramels, $24

Why we love them: Joann Hofer, award-winning chocolatier, is inspired by her travels and is always in search of creative flavor combinations. Made in her own modern chocolate studio, she ensures the best quality and detail in her chocolate processes. Her chocolates are both organic and fair trade.

So spread holiday cheer and click below now—for those who give also deserve to receive!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for taking part in Edible Indy’s 12 Days of Giving!

Fine details:
*No purchase necessary.
*Edible Indy will contact all winners via email.
*All winners will be responsible for picking up gifts that are not mailed. Winners will be emailed with information regarding how to claim their gift and the date gifts must be claimed. If gifts are not claimed within the allotted time, all gifts are forfeited.
*Individuals can enter as many times as they like and nominate as many people as they would like.
*Last winner will be contacted on December 24, 2015.
*Emails will be subscribed to Edible Indy’s newsletter.
*No cash will be provided in exchange for gift.
*Gifts cannot be returned for cash.

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