Thom England and Karen Mangia

100 Mile Diet: I Think I Can, I Think I Can

By canning and freezing foods from their garden and nearby farms, this Carmel couple eats local all year long. Here's how they've adapted their grandparents' ways to modern life.


Apple of Our Eye

10 ways to make the most of fall's apple harvest

Sorghum is an old sugar crop that is being used to make Indiana rum. Photos courtesy of Colglazier and Hobson Distilling Company Sorghum

Sorghum: An American Rum, Born in Indiana

It's Indiana's first sorghum rum, and it's no Captain Morgan.

Indy’s Upper Crust pumpkin pie Upper Crust Pumpkin Pie

Indy's Upper Crust: They Knead to Bake

Shared love of baking turns friends into successful pie partners.

Pickle Plate

Pickle Plate at Black Market

Pick a plate of pickled . . . whatevers

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